Sheer Embrace


Home Wraps

Wrap yourself in fun, laughter and the wramth of your family during the Holidays.  Enjoy our beautiful and uniquely designed Aprons as you prepare meals, work on projects or just do simple chores.  Use them at home, work, for special events or as gifts for loved ones.  
These aprons have been customer made in the privacy of my home office and craft room.  Each has been photographed right where you spend time with your family and loved.  We are a family owned business and know the importance of being able to care for your loved ones with services and products which have been produced in an all natural environment.  Therefore all products are made from 100% cotton with no additional additives.  They are great for everyday use and are machine washable.

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City-Wide Art and Craft Shows

If you have visited my booth at one of the events around the city, you may contact me directly (email or phone) regarding a specific item you desire.  The 2 in 1 aprons are still available and made to order per your request.  Thank you for your support. 

B. Ashe




Collectable  and Uniquely Designed Aprons     



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